Particle-Beam Engineering
System Engineering of Particle-Beams

We can peer into extremely microscopic worlds utilizing the "eyes" of a particle beam and radiations.

  • System Engineering of Particle-Beams
  • System Engineering of Particle-Beams
  • System Engineering of Particle-Beams

This technology has an infinite range of applications and possibilities.

This laboratory conducts research into the basic studies of unraveling and controlling quantum-level phenomena such as interactions between particle beams and materials, photon generation and positron annihilation. Moreover, we also conduct research into their applications in various fields including medicine, veterinary medicine, engineering, agriculture, biology, environmental science, archeology and home economics. Our main research subjects are the research and development in particle-induced X-ray emission (PIXE), that is, a technology that allows the visualization of a material's elemental distribution at a resolution on a micron level by exposing the material to a micro beam, and the development of micron-CT based on micro-PIXE which can provide CT-images of cells. And, to contribute medical science, we also study on the development of medical imaging modalities for radiology and nuclear medicine, especially, PET (positron emission tomography), that is, a functional diagnostic imaging scanner that can obtain images of microscopic cancer cells by the injection of a special medical agent containing short-lived radioisotopes, and the development on a dose imaging technology for safety of radiation therapy. Through these research activities, we are aiming at the education for the next generation of human resources who will inherit and develop the advanced quantum engineering technologies in this field.

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