Accelerator Radiation Engineering
Accelerator Health Physics

From Quantum to Space - New paradigm with particle accelerators -

Accelerators for ions and electrons are used extensively in various fields from basic science to space technology and medical application, and will be applied to wider area. Since accelerators produce radiations of various types, it is necessary to know precisely the characters of radiations produced and develop advanced radiation detection technology, for efficient and safe utilization of accelerators.

Our laboratory is promoting variuous research works on development of new energy sources, medical application, the effect of raditions in the space technology and to human bodies, on the basis of updated radiation detection technology and knowledge on radiation and its behavior in matters, using accelerators such as Tohoku University cyclotron and Dynamitron.

Accelerator Health Physics


  • Behavior of high energy particles
  • New energy systems
  • Surface microprocessing of hard materials using noble gas ion beams
  • Studies of the radiation effect on human
  • Medical application, exposure
  • Effect of high energy particles in space
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