Quantum Theoretic Material Engineering
Science and Technology of Functional Materials, IMR

The role of hydrogen in structural materials on fracture and structural control utilizing effects of hydrogen

Hydrogen intruding into metallic materials used under stress causes fracture phenomenon, so called hydrogen embrittlement. Hydrogen embrittlement is one of the quite important issues of structural materials used for energy production, automobiles, aircrafts, infrastructures and so forth. In our laboratory, we investigate hydrogen uptake in corrosive environments and behaviors of hydrogen in metals to clarify the mechanism of hydrogen embrittlement. We also conduct research attempting to apply the interaction between hydrogen and phase transformation for novel structural control.

Science and Technology of Functional Materials, IMR


  • To elucidate hydrogen embrittlement mechanism and to establish methods for evaluation
  • To understand the hydrogen entry behavior in terms of electrochemistry and to control hydrogen uptake
  • To develop a novel method to control microstructure of metals utilizing effects of hydrogen on phase transformation
  • To figure out corrosion property of metallic materials and to propose design guidelines for new corrosion resistant alloys
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