Energy Materials Engineering
Irradiation Effects in Nuclear and Their Related Materials, IMR

Detection, Analysis and Control of Functional Centers and Defects in Materials : From Semiconductors to Reactor Pressure Vessel(RPV) Steels

By combining advanced positron annihilation experiments and first-principles calculations, we are studying functional centers and defects in various materials, such as Si, diamonds, silica glass, RPV steels, aluminum alloys etc. , to clarify and control them based on the quantum mechanical understanding.


  • Fundamental studies of functional centers and defects in materials for nuclear technology, electronics and light communications, based on quantum science.
  • Positron annihilation studies of open-volume defects and quantum dots based on advantage of self-seeking nature of positrons.
  • Advanced quantum mechanical first-principles calculations using HITACHI S-3800 supercomputer of IMR.
  • Developing of nuclear materials using advanced materials processing techniques.
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