Faculty Members

(Professor / Associate Professor / Senior Associate Professor / Assistant Professor)




Research Interest
  • Metallic physical properties (Irradiation damage in metals)
  • Composite materials/physical properties (Radiation Effects)
  • Atomic power studies (Structural Materials)



Research Interest
  • Nuclear fusion strategy (Innovative Nuclear Fission Fuel Cycle)
  • Nuclear fusion engineering (High Tc Superconducting magnet for Helical system, High Heat Flux Removal System)
  • Applied Electromagnetics (Non Destructive Testing, MHD)


IWASAKI Tomohiko

Research Interest
  • Transmutation of Nuclear Waste
  • Experimental study of Reactor Physics using Critical Assembly
  • Experimental study on neutron reaction



Research Interest
  • Interaction of Radionuclides and Cement-based Materials
  • Study on Mass Transfer in an aquifer
  • Estimation of Mass Transport Rate in Unsaturated Zone



Research Interest
  • Application of particle induced X-ray emission analysis in various fields
  • Development of micro- and nano-beam system for ion beam analysis
  • Development and application of micron-CT based on micro-PIXE



Research Interest
  • Intelligent informatics (Intelligent System)
  • Atomic power studies (Nuclear Engineering)
  • Instrument and Control Engineering



Research Interest
  • Nuclear physics and its applications
  • Medical physics for radiation therapy
  • Biomedical applications of ion beam analysis



Research Interest
  • Mechanistic study on materials degradation in nuclear systems
  • Studies concerning integrity assessment and life management of nuclear plants
  • Studies supporting decommissioning of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant

Associate Professors


EBARA Shinji

Research Interest
  • Heat transfer enhancement of high Pr number fluid flow in a fusion blanket system
  • Flow and pressure fields investigation in multiple-elbow pipings
  • Turbulent flow analysis for flow-accelerated corrosion
  • Thermofluid studies in nuclear fusion & fission systems


HITOMI Keitaro

Research Interest
  • Development of room-temperature semiconductor X-ray and gamma-ray detectors
  • Development of gamma-ray imaging systems for nuclear medicine
  • Development of new semiconductor and scintillator materials for radiation detection.



Research Interest
  • Safety and human factors in nuclear power plant
  • Development of training methods for enhancing non-technical skills of nuclear power plant personnel
  • Design of science and technology communication concerning nuclear technologies



Research Interest
  • Medical imaging system
  • Engineering for nuclear medicine and Radiology


KIM Seong-Yun

Research Interest
  • Nuclear reprocessing
  • Radioactive Waste Management
  • Electrochemistry
  • Separation Chemistry
  • Ionic Liquid


ITO Satoshi

Research Interest
  • Design of superconducting magnet for fusion reactors
  • Applied superconductivity using high-temperature superconductors
  • Heat transfer of cryogenic coolants
  • Designs of blanket and divertor using liquid metal for fusion reactors
  • Numerical and experimental analyses on magnetohydrodynamics effects



Research Interest
  • Development of fusion reactor materials for high temperature applications
  • Mechanical properties of metals and ceramics matrixcomposites
  • Development of mechanical testing technology using small specimen
  • Neutron irradiation effects in fusion reactor materials


YUSA Noritaka

Research Interest
  • Nondestructive evaluation techniques using DC-GHz electromagnetic fields
  • Statistical analysis of inspection data to discuss the reliability of structures
  • Designing a system to transmute high level radioactive waste
  • Energy and environmental education

Senior Assistant Professors


ABE Hiroshi

Research Interest
  • Mechanistic study of materials degradation issues (Corrosion, Environmentally assisted cracking, High temperature oxidation, Pipe wall thinning, Thermal aging embrittlement) and countermeasure development



Research Interest
  • Radioactive waste disposal
  • Sorption and diffusion of radionuclides in geosphere
  • Long-term alteration of cementitious materials and minerals

Assistant Professors



Research Interest
  • Transmutation Engineering (Design and Safety Analysis of reactor core such as Accelerator Driven System)
  • Analytical and Experimental Study of Reactor Physics (LWR, subcritical reactor, etc.)
  • Study of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Scenarios


FUJIWARA Mitsuhiro

Research Interest
  • Nuclear Education
  • Education of atomic partnership
  • Radioisotope imaging
  • Application of particle induced X-ray emission analysis


ITO Tatsuya

Research Interest
  • Radioactive waste treatment
  • Nuclide separation
  • Separation chemistry and engineering



Research Interest
  • Correlation between characteristic change in metals by neutron and ion irradiation
  • Development of refractory metals to achieve an ideal balance between irradiation damage resistance and high-temperature strength


NAGANO Nobumichi

Research Interest
  • Semiconductor engineering
  • Radiological engineering
  • Medical imaging equipment Science
  • Medical physics



Research Interest
  • Nuclear fusion studies
  • Divertor plasma dynamics with energetic plasma particles
  • Linear plasma machine
  • Atomic and molecular processes

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