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Neutron Device Engineering

Bringing the possibilities of nuclear energy to a prosperous future. To be the frontier of a safer, more useful, and advanced nuclear system.

  • Neutron Device Engineering
  • Neutron Device Engineering
  • Neutron Device Engineering

A nuclear system that supports a variety of energy sources.

Nuclear energy (nuclear reactors) is an energy source outstanding in "environmental", "safe supply", and "economical". Aizawa Laboratory widely handles the nuclear cycle system from nuclear reactor physics in normal and accident state to radioactive waste disposal mainly with numerical analytical approach in order to contribute to a safer use of nuclear power. The followings are our main research themes.

1. Research and development of advanced nuclear systems
Our laboratory is engaged in the research and development of "nuclear transmutation (annihilation) facility" that converts long-life radionuclides into short-life or stable nuclides through nuclear reaction to explore solutions for the issue of high-level radioactive waste disposal. "Accelerator driven system (ADS)" is one of the innorative nuclear system which apply this technology, and is widely studied around the world.

2. Research and development regarding Fast Reactors
There are various forms of nuclear reactors. "Fast Reactors" which uses the nuclear fission reaction by fast neutrons as a source of energy has advantages such as reducing the amount of radioactive waste and effective utilization of uranium resouce, and considered as the nuclear reactor of the next generation. Aizawa Laboratory works on the development of new fast reactor cores utilizing hydride neutron absorbers.

3. Advancing nuclear power reactors
Our laboratory develops and evaluates new numerical code for fuel and core designs by the application of advanced analytical techniques to improve efficiency and cost performance of boiling water reactors (a type of light-water reactor) that has been widely used as power reactor. Aizawa Laboratory keeps pursuing the possibilities of advanced nuclear systems that support a variety of energy sources for the future.

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