Converting "power of nuclear engineering" into power that will broaden the future.

The Department of Quantum Science and Energy Engineering was established as a general engineering field of study that assumes the role of developing the science and skills related to nuclear power generation and radiation applications. As trail-blazing human resources, the graduates of this Program with advanced specialized knowledge and initiative are the underpinnings of energy supply and societal infrastructures, and at times have acted as the driving force of rapid economic growth and this industry's development.

In response to the times and to society's demands, our field of nuclear engineering has expanded into "quantum science and energy" studies; and we are pursuing engineering applications of physical phenomena at the micro level, as well as developing leading-edge research across a broad spectrum from environment/energy fields to medical engineering. Moreover, we continue to pour our accumulated knowledge and skills into finding solutions for pressing issues in the nuclear power sector, as well as explore strategies that will aid in the improvement of safety and reliability. Our goal is to construct a sustainable society. We continue to take up the inexhaustible challenges that come our way.

For high school students who are considering taking the Entrance Exam for the Course of Quantum Science and Energy Engineering