Comprehensive engineering studies and development of high-level skills

On the Quantum Science and Energy Engineering course, students will deepen their understanding of the constituent units at the quantum level, such as electrons, nuclei, and atoms, understand their interactions with matter, and learn about quantum-level phenomena and their applications (medical diagnosis, development of new materials, etc.). Furthermore, students will understand the principles and mechanisms of fission and fusion reactors, which control the energy generated by nuclear reactions and make effective use of it. In other words, students gain a comprehensive understanding of engineering that integrates multiple disciplines and connects quantum-level phenomena to applications.

Fostering researchers in cutting-edge fields of the future

Most graduates of this course go on to join the graduate school. Afterwards many become experts in cutting-edge fields and work at universities, international research institutes, national laboratories, and private laboratories. Others become researchers and engineers in leading-edge companies, as well as government officials or specialists in a wide variety of fields, including those related to energy infrastructure technology, such as electric power companies and electrical equipment manufacturers, advanced radiation application fields, such as medical diagnosis and environmental measurement, and comprehensive engineering fields, such as the semiconductor and automobile industries.

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