May 1, 2023

To the Heads of Relevant Institutions and Other Relevant Persons

Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University
Dean Akinori Ito

Re: Public Recruitment of Faculty Members (Request)

The Department of Quantum Science and Energy Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University, is pleased to announce an open position for a faculty member as described below. We would like to ask for your kind consideration in recommending suitable candidates and in informing all interested parties.

The Department of Quantum Science and Energy Engineering is promoting education and research based on the advancement of basic technologies for nuclear reactors (fission reactors, nuclear fuel cycle, and fusion reactors) and advanced utilization of radiation. The department is particularly interested in applicants who are enthusiastic about the former field and who also have a background in and enthusiasm for related education and human resource development in the nuclear field.

Number of positions and Job title: One position open for a professor
Starting date: April 1, 2024, or later
Employment status: Full time
Term of office: Tenure position
Division: Department of Quantum Science and Energy Engineering, Particle-Beam Engineering, High Energy Materials Engineering, Tohoku University
Main subjects in charge: nuclear engineering, material engineering, tritium engineering
Duties: Research and education in relation to the subjects above, as well as the administration of the school and the department.
Required qualifications and conditions:
Candidates must have a doctoral degree upon arrival at the post and distinguished achievement in the above-mentioned specialized field. In addition, they must have a strong willingness in the education at the department. Holding a Japanese national license concerning radiation protection is preferable.

(1)Salary system: Based on the University's employment regulations and in accordance with experience. In addition, transportation, housing, and dependent allowances may be provided depending on conditions.
(2)Work hours: As a basis, starting time (8:30 a.m.) to ending time (5:15 p.m.), but left up to the discretion of each employee.
(3)Holidays: Saturday, Sunday, and holidays prescribed by the National Holyday Act, the days from 29th December to 3rd January
(4)Insurance: Admission into the Mutual Aid Association of MEXT, Unemployment Insurance, Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Application materials:
(1)Two letters of recommendation
(They should be directly sent to head-qse@grp.tohoku.ac.jp by the recommenders)
(2)Curriculum Vitae (with a photo attached; educational background should include high school and higher)
(3)List of research achievements (Peer-reviewed research papers, invited presentations, academic presentations at international conferences, patents, books, reviews, awards, and so on. Include research performance indices such as total citation numbers and h-index (indicate the database used).)
(4)List of educational achievements (subject name, the number of hours of curriculum for the subject, and grade level to be covered; list of the thesis titles of students supervised by the applicant)
(5)Five primary research papers (with their citation numbers)
(6)Other related matters showing the excellence of an applicant (list of competitive research funding obtained, organization of academic conferences, other activities in academia, and so on)
(7)Summary of research activities (should be around 1000 words; clearly explain the excellence of the applicant from an international viewpoint)
(8)Aspirations for research and education (should be around 1000 words)
(9)Names and contact information (institution, position title, telephone number, and email address) of two persons who may comment on the applicant

Application deadline: July 31, 2023

Postal addresses:
The applicants should submit the above documents to the following address by mail or e-mail. In the case of an e-mail, all documents should be in PDF format.
Professor Yuichi Niibori
Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University
6-6-01-2, Aramaki aza Aoba, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, Japan, 980-8579

E-mail: head-qse@grp.tohoku.ac.jp

Application documents will not be returned.

Department Head Office, Department of Quantum Science and Energy Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University
E-mail: head-qse@grp.tohoku.ac.jp

・We may ask applicants to make a presentation during the selection process.
・We may visit the site for site inspections during the selection process.
・Tohoku University promotes gender equality and welcomes proactive application for job positions by diverse talent.
Tohoku University Declaration of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI):
・Pursuant to Article 8 of the Act on Securing, Etc. of Equal Opportunity and Treatment between Men and Women in Employment, Tohoku University shall, as a measure for increasing the presence of women among the academic staff, prioritize the hiring of women deemed qualified for each job opening, based on the impartial evaluation.
・Tohoku University has Kawauchi Keyaki Nursery School (22 children) and Aobayama Midori Nursery School (116 children) available for use by all faculty and staff, and Hoshiko Nursery School (120 children) available for use by residents of the Seiryo area, making it the largest on-site childcare facility at a national university in Japan. There is also a nursery for children with minor illnesses and children after illnesses in the University Hospital, which is available for use by all university faculty and staff.
・See the following website for information on these and other programs that Tohoku University runs to assist work-life balancing, support researchers, and advance gender equality.
Tohoku University Center for Gender Equality Promotion website:

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